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Mother; Friend; Business Owner; Cherokee; Daughter; Wife; Aunt; Sister; and Attorney... I believe you can do it all in a lifetime but not at the same time.

We want to share our excitement! We were selected into the Bridge to Success Peer Mentoring and Entrepreneurial Exchange program.  We are among only five businesses in our state selected to be part of this unique opportunity.  The program is put on by ONABEN, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council and the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma.

Our Founder was also selected to present to our colleagues.

Participants from El Paso, Tulsa and Alburquerque will join Bobby Cook, TheC3Group and Stephanie Conduff, Leche Lounge, to join in identifying your client and the clients of those in the Bridges to Success program. We will introduce easy-to-use tools that can create the affect of cloning. This helps you dedicate a concentrated time on marketing and schedule it for the upcoming month. The Take Action Series ensures that you do something today to benefit your business – instead of just talking about it.

We will discuss the benefits of:

  • Insightly.com
  • SproutSocial.com
  • Website Plug-ins


You can find Leche at 54321

You can find Leche at 54321.Friends,





We want to ensure you know our NAICS Code is 54321 for prefabricated structures a scaffolding and wood product manufacturing or prefabricated wood building manufacturing.


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